When She Woke by Hillary Jordan

Nov 10

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This was an interesting story set in the future but not too far into the future that it is easy to see how we got from now to then in the name of ‘progress’. This is the story of Hannah Payne, a very demure young woman who gets caught up in a romantic affair and gets pregnant. She cannot have the baby for reasons I will not give away and chooses to have an abortion which is illegal, punishable by ‘chroming’ a futuristic way of dealing with criminals by genetically altering their skin color according to their crimes. She is chromed red and kept in a stark white room for 30 days which is monitored by cameras broadcasting her transition all over the world. Once released, she must learn deal with the prejudices that come with being a social outcast in her struggle to survive, alone.

The characters are believable. The story line is plausible. I really enjoyed this book.

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