Trade in a bad habit for a good one…

Jul 09

Smoking stinks and it kills. But reading? Well, reading does everyone only good. So, why not give up smoking for a reading habit? This is what Tank Magazine encouraged when they thought to use the clever packaging of cigarettes and used it to package little books, called Tank Books. Straight from their website:

TankBooks pay homage to this iconic form by employing it in the service of great literature. We have launched a series of books designed to mimic cigarette packs – the same size, packaged in flip-top cartons with silver foil wrapping and sealed in cellophane.

The titles are by authors of great stature – classic stories presented in classic packaging; objects desirable for both their literary merit and their unique design.
Each story is complete and unabridged – with a type size that’s easy to read. Individual books are great for throwing into a pocket or handbag – an instantly familiar object to carry with you. The complete set comes in a stunning tin – perfect as a really original gift.

TankBooks are for people on the move, lovers of literature and connoisseurs of design. Try one and you’ll be hooked.


Joseph Conrad

“Heart of Darkness”

Ernest Hemingway

“The Undefeated” and

“The Snows of Kilimanjaro”,

Franz Kafka

“The Metamorphosis” and

“In the Penal Colony”

Rudyard Kipling

“The Man who would be King”,

“The Phantom ’Rickshaw” and

“Black Jack”

Robert Louis Stevenson

“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

Leo Tolstoy

“The Death of Ivan Ilych” and

“Father Sergius”

Why leave a good idea to something bad, like smoking? I love it! Now, book lovers all over the world can request as many breaks as the smokers… and perhaps we can demand separate reading sections, outside in the fresh air! =) Or how about this for a way to unwind or calm your nerves… a quick chapter instead of a quick cigarette before bed.

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