To bed with you…

May 30

The Hand That First Held Mine by Maggie O'Farrell


My days like pages story me loved…
Read me giddy, heartbroken and alive.
I have thumbed through muted grays
And ripped through vibrant hues of goodness.
I have frolicked long past sensibility
to love till all of me disappears
And I have cried chapters of injustice
but never have I went to bed alone
for I have found in books
a constant and reliable bedfellow
Whisking me adventuresome
teaching me buffered lessons
of intricate love hidden between the lines
of subtle inferential discoveries
which lure me deep within their covers
Printed salve for every wound
and binded comfort within
from the weary of this world

(an unfinished poem by me…inspired by books…)

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