The Story of Forgetting by Stefan Merrill Block

Aug 08

I read a lot. Good books. Bad books. All sorts in between. Every now and again I come across a book so well-written, so engaging, so worth reading I find myself saddened at the mere thought of it ending even as I eagerly plow through the story. Today, I stumbled upon one of these books, The Story of Forgetting. I am simply awestruck by this debut novel written by Stefan Merrill Block. Not since Nicole Krauss’ The History of Love or Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s The Shadow of the Wind have I been this enamored with the way an author has told a compelling human story, a story so real we can all relate to it. Stefan Merrill Block has a way with words that entranced me, forcing the noisy, chaotic world to fall away and the fictitious world of silence to begin from the very first sentence,

“I never found a way to fill all the silence.”

This is introduction to a story about familial love, generational suffering and Alzheimer’s. A story I already want to read again. Two stories of love and loss—slow eroding loss, small undetectable death after subtle death after profound death within the same person—generation after generation. This is a story of deep, messy love. Family. Roots. Future and past. I am reticent to give away too much. I couldn’t possibly say it better than the author. I wouldn’t even try.

“Once, I fell in love with everything…” (p.1)

Once, I fell in love with everything an author wrote filling 310 pages with a story of a boy’s search for peace, for comfort with the agony of losing his mother to early onset Alzheimer’s, facing the frightening possibility that he will take after her, follow her in loss—of family, friends, memories, and self. The story of his struggle intersects with the story of a decrepit old man stuck slowly waiting his life away, refusing to forget, grasping on to his painfully beautiful memories–allowing them to be his hope against a weathered lonely reality in fast-changing surroundings.

This is a story of remembering and forgetting and how fundamental both are to the human experience. This is story rooted in love and pain. Loss and redemption. A serious illness and how it affects families, friends, strangers.

I dog-ear pages in the bottom corner in books when something on that page is written eloquently, if it is a point or an idea worth sharing, worth revisiting. I dog-eared so many pages in The Story of Forgetting it might appear to be the way the book was printed with every other page corner missing. I cannot realistically share each and every quote I would love to discuss with you but I would love to after you’ve read the book! Here, see for yourself…

Write me below if you wish to discuss this wonderful novel. If you haven’t read it, go… get it now. Order it online. Read it as soon as possible, you will not regret it. In the meanwhile, I am EAGERLY awaiting this new author’s next book. Write. Write. Write. =)

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  1. I don’t commonly comment but I gotta tell thanks for the post on this amazing one : D.

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