The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman

Mar 03

I have been a long time fan of Alice Hoffman’s work. She has a delightful way of making life just a little bit more magical than others. She dips her pen in magical realism and writes very real, imperfectly perfect characters who you grow to really care about in her stories. She is really a talented author. Her latest book, The Red Garden, did not disappoint.

The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman is a series of short stories chronicling over 300 years of the small town of Blackwell, Massachusetts. The stories weave throughout the various families that founded Blackwell with such ease I felt as if I was a time traveler who had the great fortune to see the lives of generation after generation develop, wither, flourish. Each character has their own quirks, their deep passions, their flaws. And you learn how these can affect future generations.

Enamored by bears, gardens, people, themselves, these characters tell the story of the fictional Blackwell in a way history never could, though the small museum within Blackwell certainly tries by giving clues to all those who have lived, loved and left Blackwell from the beginning till current times.

The Red Garden is easy to read because it is broken up into sections of different time periods. It makes a good book for when you can only steal a few minutes away at a time. I definitely recommend this book, as well as most of Alice Hoffman’s writing.

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