The Prince of Mist

Jul 27

I am a big fan of Carlos Ruiz Zafon. He is an engaging writer who keeps me captivated by his way with words. He mesmerizes with his story, weaving you into his fictional worlds.

The Prince of Mist was not his best piece but it was good and easy to read. I read it out loud to someone else in no time at all. And we both enjoyed it. As he writes in a note to the readers this was his first novel written in the beginning of his career. It is not as poetic or as developed as his later works, The Shadow of the Wind or The Angel’s Game, but it is still worth the read.

The Prince of Mist is a forward moving book compelling you to eagerly dive into each new chapter. You genuinely want to know what happens next on every page. It is slightly predictable but this is true of many good books. Overall, the story was interesting, the characters likeable and believable. It was a mystery, a ghost story, a lesson about the costs in making a deal with the devil. Nothing in this life is free.

If you haven’t read Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s work before this is a good place to start. It only gets better from here.

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