The Ghost of Christmas ‘Passed’

Mar 15

And New Year’s passed…and Valentine’s Day…

And I finally returned right before St. Patrick’s Day. Oops. Where have I been? Who really cares? Here are some excellent sites with gorgeous book and bookshelves pictures… enjoy… (click on the photos to go off to the sites…)

I miss books

This is an interesting page…with lots of lovely book-related photos and thoughts. =) Don’t we all miss reading??! I can so relate to this. Work seems to interfere with all life’s fun. You can even submit your own! =)

The name is a bit vulgar but who can blame them for loving books so much? This site has a lot of excellent photos relating to books as well!

And who amongst us doesn’t like to shop for books?

Another lovely site full of bookish pictures. =)

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