The Bird King by Shaun Tan

Feb 04


The Bird King

by Shaun Tan

I am a fan of Shaun Tan’s work. He creates these beautiful stories with no words, just pictures. They say more than words could say. So, when I saw his new book, The Bird King, I knew I had to read it. In this book he shares his sketches, his unfinished work, his unpublished work–he shares pieces of his sketchbook and thought processes. I think the following quote from the author sums it up,

One of the joys of drawing is that meaning can be constantly postponed, and there is no real pressure to “say” anything special when working privately in a sketchbook.

This book lefts so much unsaid. It leaves us to feel, think and find our own version of the story beginning (or ending). These are some of my favorite sketches, they really moved me for various reasons:




This last one is my favorite. I think so much of it tells a story I am familiar with intimately. I love it.

This book is well worth the read.

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