The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma

Mar 19

This young lady, Alice Ozma, and her father made a pact for him to read to her aloud for initially 100 days. This reading streak actually lasted from the time she was 9 years old till she went to University. This shared love for literature impacted her so much she has grown up and wrote a book about it! And now she encourages everyone to take the reading promise and...

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Read books for charity

Aug 27

Ohhhhh! Two of my favorite things… reading and doing something positive… have now been combined. We Give Books was created by the Penguin Group and the Pearson Foundation.1 Easy-peasy. You go to their website and you choose from one of the campaigns, sign up, read the FREE books online to yourself, to others, to anyone who...

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Listening IS an Act of Love

Aug 13

Listening is an act of love, originally uploaded by allicette. As part of my summer reading aloud shtick I chose a book of short, inspiring stories. I figured they were easier to follow and would keep everyone’s attention because when you are reading a book with 3 other people–over the age of 14–it is difficult to find a time and to keep everyone...

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Reading Aloud

Jun 01

There are many benefits to reading aloud both for the reader and the listener, regardless of the ages of either! Reading to children and having them read to you helps improve or develop: the ability to reason diction and annunciation vocabulary reading skills overall the ability to discern good writing from bad both in reading other’s writing and in their own...

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