Read Across America Day 2013 is coming!

Feb 24

Read Across America Poem You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, To pick up a book and read with a child. You’re never too busy, too cool, or too hot, To pick up a book and share what you’ve got. In schools and communities, Let’s gather around, Let’s pick up a book, Let’s pass it around. There are kids all around you, Kids who will need Someone to hug, Someone to read. Come join us March 1st Your own special way And make this America’s Read to Kids Day. All rights reserved by National Education Association for the photo and the...

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The Street Sweeper by Elliot Perlman

Apr 05

  I am a huge fan of Elliot Perlman’s work. I have read all his work to date. The Street Sweeper was worth the 8 year wait. This book, like all of Perlman’s books, starts out a little slow. This is only because he intricately weaves stories and lives together like a masterful story teller…interlocking fates and personal experiences in the most minute of ways. His attention to detail is a gift that keeps me wanting to find each next little clue. He spends a lot of time developing characters, letting us lurk about in their thoughts and each page helping us grow to feel closer with each and every one of them. The protagonists in The Street Sweeper,  Lamont Williams and Adam Zignelik, have nothing at all in common on the surface. They are from very different backgrounds, living very different lives but life is still full of connections we may never see and in the end we all have more in common than we seem to think. This is the story of two men and the stories of those they encounter, both dead and alive, entangled into a fantastic book worth reading. Adam is a flailing historian. Lamont, a struggling ex-con in search of his long lost daughter. Both men have an uphill battle towards fulfillment and both find themselves treading through the difficult memories of the Holocaust to get to wherever they are going. This is a story of lives interconnecting in the simplest, rawest of ways, through stories, through happenstance, through love, through history, through family, through friends, through employment. This is a message of listening, of remembering and of telling the stories of those who came before us and maybe even leaving a story worth telling for those we leave behind.   This book was part of my reading challenges —...

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Reading makes immigrants of us all…

Jul 25

I found this photograph and had to share… what a beautiful picture and the perfect quote. A fellow bibliophile… on this journey with us… Reading makes immigrants of us all. It takes us away from home, but more important, it finds homes for us everywhere., originally uploaded by {life through the lens}. Reading makes immigrants of us all. It takes us away from home, but more important, it finds homes for us everywhere. ~Jean Rhys The photo caption reads… I am sincerely grateful for the ability to read and also what reading gives me… a sense of adventure, sharing a book & snuggling with my children, developing a new skill, travel to far away destinations without the hassle of sitting on a 8 hour flight with my 2 year old, improving myself, meeting strangers and making friends, learning about human nature & most importantly, seeing through the eyes of another. Reading is a gift and I am blessed. The...

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Stick to your ribs good…

Jun 30


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A Journey of 1000 books

Jun 21

…begins with one…which one will I choose? I think I will embark on a journey of 1000 books. I’ll start today. I already am in the middle of reading 50 this year but that can be the catalyst for this reading sojourn. I will post each book as I read it. No matter how long it takes me, I will reach 1000 books. Care to join me?

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