Bury me in books x3

Jun 14

Bibloitaph by Michael McFee Bury me with my books,Slip one under my head: a satin pillow’s much to sort for such a rigid bed. Bury me with my books. Open some on my chest, their pages shadowing the heart beginning its long rest. Bury me with my books, tossed in until the hole is filled with words instead of dirt and I am like a mole. happy to stay hidden, not...

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Bury me in books x2

Jun 13

Books by Zora Cross Oh bury me in books when I am dead,    Fair quarto leaves of ivory and gold, And silk octavos bound in brown and red,    That tales of love and chivalry unfold. Heap me in volumes of fine vellum wrought,    Creamed with the close content of silent speech. Wrap me in sapphire tapestries of thought    From some old epic out of common reach. I would...

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Bury me in books

Jun 12

Please bury me in the library In the clean, well lighted stacks Of Novels, History, Poetry, Right next to the Paperbacks, Where the Kid’s Books dance With True Romance And the Dictionary dozes. Please bury me in the library With a dozen long-stemmed proses. Way back by a rack of Magazines, I won’t be sad too often, If they bury me in the library With...

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Secret Bookshelves…FOUND!

Jun 09

I guess I am not so good at hiding my addiction as I thought I was… I have been informed by unmentionable parties that more of my ‘stashes’ have been found… Drats! Where to...

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Reading is a big part of my life…

Jun 03

I am unabashedly in love with books, literature, well-written characters, the written word…for me reading is more than just a hobby, it is a way of life. I wish I could extract just the tiniest portion of my love and enthusiasm for reading and inject it in all children and young adults to inoculate them from apathy and atrophy of creativity, of well-developed...

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