Anatole France

Jul 24

Anatole France, born Jacques Anatole Francois Thibaut, was a bibliophile. He was one of France’s most memorable authors, learned to love books very early in his life because he was given the opportunity to do so. Anatole France had the good fortune of being surrounded by books as the child of a bookstore owner. His father ran the Librairie France (Library of France) in Paris, France. It is said that many a notable scholar and writer would visit his father’s book store regularly and undoubtedly this literary passion rubbed off on Anatole France for he learned to love books as much as any one could. His literary pseudonym was fashioned after the name of his father’s shop, the Librairie (Library) de France. After college Anatole France helped his father at the bookstore before going on to become a library cataloger, a librarian and then a Nobel Laureate poet, author and journalist. Anatole France’s love for books began with exposure to books at a very early age. As a child, he had full access to an assortment of reading material. This is absolutely vital to ensuring a child’s interest in reading. We must ensure they are surrounded by an array of books to choose from and actively promote the love of literature so we ensure the Anatole France’s of our future exist! “The essential point is that students should have easy access to a wide variety of books…” (Becoming a Nation of Readers, U.S. Department of Education’s Commission on Reading, 1988) It is our responsibility to envelope children in a plethora of literary choices. Take them to the library. Take them to each and every library within driving and walking distance. Take them to book stores. Read with them. Read with their friends. Be a book pusher. And help a new Anatole France be literarily nourished into existence. When you see the personal library of Anatole France, you can clearly see the remnants of his childhood fortressed in books. His love for books was cemented very early in life… “Never lend books, for no one ever returns them; the only books I have in my library are books that other folks have lent to me” — Anatole...

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