Books AND Cookies?

Aug 15

Who knew? What a brilliant idea! I am fairly certain I would have lived at this place as a kid… if it were near me,I still might!...

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My kind of tree

Aug 07

Thank you grandpa, originally uploaded by Leen…. Another lovely illustration by Aileene Posada. What a gift she has. Thank you, Aileen’s grandpa for giving her a love for books and thank you Aileen for giving the world this lovely art!...

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Home sweet home

Aug 06

Home sweet home, originally uploaded by Leen…. Could this *be* anymore perfect? Via Flickr: Lápiz editado. By: Leen (All rights reserved by original artist: Aileen...

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4 am Project (Birmingham UK)

Apr 30

A friend took part in the 4am Project in Birmingham, UK over the past weekend. And he was kind of enough to share some of his work with me to share here.   The press release about the 4am Project: 4am Photographers to get Brutal in Birmingham’s Central Library Birmingham photographers with mild insomnia and an eye for the unusual will have the unique opportunity to...

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I’ll Show You Mine

Mar 07

Someone brave and beautiful came up with an ingenious idea for a book, one I think is long overdue. This book is called, I’ll Show You Mine, and it is a book that shows real women parts. The original description, “I’ll Show You Mine” is a photo study of female genitalia and a window into women’s experiences of their genitals. The book...

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