The Street Sweeper by Elliot Perlman

Apr 05

  I am a huge fan of Elliot Perlman’s work. I have read all his work to date. The Street Sweeper was worth the 8 year wait. This book, like all of Perlman’s books, starts out a little slow. This is only because he intricately weaves stories and lives together like a masterful story teller…interlocking fates and personal experiences in the most...

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The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma

Mar 19

This young lady, Alice Ozma, and her father made a pact for him to read to her aloud for initially 100 days. This reading streak actually lasted from the time she was 9 years old till she went to University. This shared love for literature impacted her so much she has grown up and wrote a book about it! And now she encourages everyone to take the reading promise and...

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When She Woke by Hillary Jordan

Nov 10

Shop Indie Bookstores This was an interesting story set in the future but not too far into the future that it is easy to see how we got from now to then in the name of ‘progress’. This is the story of Hannah Payne, a very demure young woman who gets caught up in a romantic affair and gets pregnant. She cannot have the baby for reasons I will not give...

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Beyonders by Brandon Mull

Aug 08

Shop Indie Bookstores I waited for this book for a long time. I was anticipating his newest series (after Fablehaven, which I gobbled up). Sadly, it was not as good as I had hoped. To be fair I might be going through a slow phase where everything captures only part of my attention but it just couldn’t hold me to it. That said let me tell  you a bit about the...

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Books: A Memoir

Mar 09

A story about a true book lover in every way. It conjures up mental imagery that anyone who has ever appreciated a book, the stories within, can appreciate. This is definitely worth reading. Books: A...

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