Book Cafe

Jul 22

I saw this picture on Flickr and went on a tangential imaginative journey where such a place exists… a book cafe, a literal book cafe. The Book Cafe. Where you can be nourished, filled to the brim with books. Novel sandwiches and paperback salad. Where all your hungers are sated within the shelved walls of this Book Cafe. A place where you can overindulge with...

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Bed and Breakfast

Jun 29

Let books be your dining table, And you shall be full of delights…  Let them be your mattress And you shall sleep restful nights…    ~ Author Unknown Book table © (DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION) Book table © (DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION) Book table © (DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION) Book table ©...

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Forgive me father…

Jun 27

…for I have sinned. It has been 4 days since my last post. Life has held me hostage. I’ve barely had the chance to even pick up a book, let alone write about them or photograph them but don’t worry, I still love them. It is deep rooted in every fiber of my being. For now, I want to share this amazing book photo I found on flickr,...

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Jun 23

  I am enjoying the book theme for photographs. Since I haven’t seen this word before or any real word describing this specific type of photography, I am coining one today… BIBLIOPHOTOGRAPHY bib·lio·pho·tog·ra·phy Pronunciation: \ˈbi-blē-ə-fə-ˈtä-grə-fē\ Function: noun Etymology: Me, © Date: 2010 (1): the art or process of producing...

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The Ghost of Christmas ‘Passed’

Mar 15

And New Year’s passed…and Valentine’s Day… And I finally returned right before St. Patrick’s Day. Oops. Where have I been? Who really cares? Here are some excellent sites with gorgeous book and bookshelves pictures… enjoy… (click on the photos to go off to the sites…) This is an interesting page…with lots of...

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