Harvey Nicholls’ Bookly Man

May 04

A shop in London with a clever display… now that is a mannequin I can...

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Bookly Artist Miler Lagos

May 03

Books ARE fascinating. Apparently, Miler Lagos feels the same way. He has done a number of artistic installations and two that I have found so far are book related. A book igloo (Home) and a book pod (El Papel Aguanto Todo). I will let the works speak for themselves. EL PAPEL AGUANTO TODO           HOME (Book Igloo)         You can see more of Miler Lagos works...

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We three booklies…

Apr 21

Three creative book costumes/outfits… This first one I think I would find myself trying to read every line on each dress. Wouldn’t you?   This one looks like it is make of paper mache (decoupage). Thus, I do not think you can wear it. Another one you probably cannot wear but what an interesting piece of art it...

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Book people art

Mar 09

I came across these fantastic art pieces which I think you might love too!!! The Arcimboldo Librarian   I am not sure the title or the creator of the next one but it is lovely too!  ...

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A make believe world of books

Mar 08

How fun is this? A Slovakian artist, Matej Kren, created this…   You can visit his page to read more here. This display is called, “Scanner” and it is displayed at the MAMbo (Museo de Arte Morderna di...

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