Random Bookshelf Shot

Apr 02

Random Bookshelf Shot, originally uploaded by birdyonmywindow. I do so love to just randomly share parts of my book shelves or stacks of books… Have you read any of these...

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Travel me storied…

Feb 03

I happened upon some lovely book-related things… a picture and a poem. I am not certain who wrote the poem, I found it in a book but it says it was written anonymously (I found out who it was, see below). I will share them both with you. I hope you like them. The poem: I’ve travelled [sic] the world twice over, Met the famous; saints and sinners, Poets...

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Books and quotes photography 3

Mar 18


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Books and quotes photography 2

Mar 16

And some more lovely book and quote combinations…    ...

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Books and quotes photography

Mar 14

Two of my favorite things, reading and tea coupled with another favorite pastime, photography. I have been playing with words, if you will, and books. On each bag of tea is a simple quote, something nice or inspirational. I have used a couple here with seemingly appropriate book titles… and voila… relevancy and bibliophotography....

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