Reading Challenge Updates 2

Nov 22

Sorry, I have not been very good about updating my progress in my reading challenges. So here goes…

For the Orbis Terrarum Reading Challenge

I started my literary vacation in Australia with Christos Tsiolkas’ The Slap. I tried so hard with this book. I really did. I stuck with it far too long…which set my reading goals back quite a bit. I felt so much guilt in picking up any other books, I felt committed to finishing this book but it was like plowing through mud. You can read more about why I struggled in this book here. After much deliberation and unnecessary guilt I left Australia having decided not to finish the book, in fear I would not finish the entire challenge!

I went on to Cuba with Nancy Alonso’s Closed For Repairs. This book was filled with stories of the extraordinary Cuban resilience to the multitude of challenges they face in every day situations, things most people from my country couldn’t even fathom from roofs caving in to potholes that threaten to suck in entire streets and little to no materials available to fix any of it. You can read my review of Closed For Repairs here.

From Cuba, I went to the UK with Nicole Krauss’ Great House taking a worded adventure through the every day people within this beautifully-written book. You can read my review of Great House here.

From the UK, I am headed to Colombia and Canada. Updates to follow!

2010 Chunkster Challenge

I am working on the 3 chunksters…I got behind in my goals because of The Slap as I noted above. =) I am confident I can still finish this challenge by December 31st!

1000 Books

I have been reading a lot but I am terrible at recording each and every read. I will update this list soon. =)

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