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Jun 01

Crow Call by Lois Lowry (the book shown)

There are many benefits to reading aloud both for the reader and the listener, regardless of the ages of either! Reading to children and having them read to you helps improve or develop:

  • the ability to reason
  • diction and annunciation
  • vocabulary
  • reading skills overall
  • the ability to discern good writing from bad both in reading other’s writing and in their own writing as they will be able to discern why something would or would not make sense to the reader etc.
  • the ability to speak more clearly and accurately
  • curiousity about the world around them
  • imagination by visualization
  • attention span
  • listening skills including comprehension
  • increased general information about the world, emotions, people, situations, objects etc.
  • voice and volume control
  • speaking abilities
  • confidence

But reading aloud can benefit adults too. It is a great time to bond with someone over something you both enjoy. It can spark excellent, indepth conversations helping improve or reassert strong relations. It can help bring up a topic that is not always easy to discuss. It helps keep minds active and imaginations soaring. Reading aloud helps you stay informed about the world around you. It also helps exercise the throat and the lungs (working the diaphragm !)  Adults also receive the same benefits from reading as children.

Reading aloud can help relax all people involved, the reader and the listeners. It is a general overall feel good activity which improves so many areas of life and stimulates your brain! So, go ahead… try it! Make a comittment to read aloud once or twice a week… to anyone willing to listen and / or ask someone to read to you. Then come back and tell me below… what extra benefits you  and they receive from both sides.

Crow Call by Lois Lowry (book shown)

Crow Call by Lois Lowry (book shown)

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