Read my troubles away…

Dec 01

I have been fighting something, some virus or bug, for days. And today it won. I woke up with the worst kind of headache. A sinus infection for certain. My face, my head, my eyes hurt so bad. =( I can’t sleep because it hurts and I wake up with even more pressure. I took Claritin which helps it a little, taking the edge off but not making me whole.

So, today is a day to snuggle up under my thick Autumn quilt, some good books and a cuppa warm tea. Normally I am an iced tea girl but today I need warmth. I have collected some samplers over the past few months from the Republic of Tea and decided today would be a good day to sample them.

First up, Comfort and Joy which the company describes as, “A spicy holiday blend available in natural, round, unbleached tea bags. Featuring flavors of the holidays: cinnamon, cloves, apples, and licorice root blended with fine black tea.” It was really good. I will be ordering more of this. I love the Autumn flavors. It was really comforting.

I like the way the books reflected in the tea...

I like the way the books reflected in the tea...

Next, I tried the Blackberry Sage, “Tea For Wisdom. The soft taste and sweet aroma of fresh blackberries is experienced with the first sip of this fruity tea. A subtle undertone of cool white sage adds a balanced finish. Wonderful iced.” This smelled really sweet so I had my doubts. It was not as sweet as it smelled. It was good but not as comforting as the first. This really would be good iced. =)

I am off to snuggle up with my books and another cuppa tea. Here are a few more photos I took today. I couldn’t decide my favorite so I included them all.

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