Random Reading Challenge(s) for 2010

Aug 17

I came across a random reading challenge only to realize it was over. Awwww!!! =( So, I thought why not look for others. Luckily, the person who posed that challenge had quite a few other challenges and I think I will join a couple. I figure all reading in these challenges I commit to can fall under my own journey to 1000 books. Why not? =)

 Here are the two challenges I will be joining:

2010 Chunkster Challenge (you can read more about it or join here)

I am going with “The Chubby Chunkster” option because I am starting a full 7 1/2 months after it began! I will read 3 chunksters (books over 450 pages long) before December 31st 2010. I will post a review on each of the three books with a link back to this page and the original challenge page. (8/17/10)

Orbis Terrarum Reading Challenge (you can read more or join here)

8 books each written by an author from a different country. YAY! I will blog about these as I finish them as well. And link them back here.


  1. hey 🙂

    i just wanted to thank you for being part of Love Bomb. i really appreciate it.

    – lauren

  2. No thanks are needed. =)

  3. Nice to see I’m not the only latecomer to the Chunkster Challenge 🙂

  4. Definitely not! =) My friend is joining me as well, though she doesn’t keep a blog. I am trying to convince her to guest blog on here about the chunkster challenge. We will see. =)


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