Out with the old, in with the new…Reading Challenges!

Jan 03

So. Let me recap my reading challenges for 2012 before I announce my reading challenges for 2013. In 2012, I signed up for two reading challenges: The Eclectic Reader 2012 Challenge and The 2012 Chunkster Challenge. I will let you know how I did on both!


I read 10/12 categories. I got stuck on Crime/Mystery because I am really rather a chicken and also can’t get into the weird detective novels. They always just lose my interest. I have to admit, I am just not good at taking others recommendations, particularly if I do not know this person and do not know their reading preferences. I also am not good at choosing books in this genre. I have to say both of these reasons prevented me from choosing a romance too. Also, I have an aversion to romance novels. =/ I know. Silly, but true. It really held me up. I hemmed and hawwed and ended up never choosing one of either. Tsk. Maybe, just maybe, I should join another this year and just allow someone else to choose these two for me.

I also seemed to be lacking in the review area. I didn’t write many reviews 4/10. Tsk. Well, we live, we learn, we read but we forget to write about it. Thanks to Book’dOut (http://bookdout.wordpress.com) for this lovely challenge! =)

Hehehe… onward, I go!


I was derailed in my notetaking this year. I simply did not write down anything (or at least not much). So, I DID read many, many books and quite a few chunksters, but I just did not write reviews on them. Maybe this year I will be better!

Success or not, it is a good thing to keep challenging myself! So, I shall!

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  1. A shame you didn’t quite get there, maybe next time!

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