National Book Month 2012 Begins!

Oct 01

I am super excited about National Book Month. I intend to enjoy every minute of this month.  I have my basic supplies ready…

One of my favorite comfy blankets, a mug for tea with a convenient rewritable book list reminder, my ever-so-warm-and-lovely button up slippers and three books to start me out—The Pale King by David Foster Wallace, Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling and The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. I admit I have read all three of these authors before and enjoyed them, so I am looking forward to enjoying all three of these as well. I will give you an update on all three of the books as I finish them.

What will you be doing for National Book Month? Need some ideas, go visit The National Book Foundation to read more about the National Book Month.


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  1. Book month! Yay! Why just a month, I wonder? Seems books are great year-round. I love your choices – of books, slippers, mugs. I prefer blankets with the little satin edging though – childhood memories not too far from Linus and his blankie and all. And me… I’m finishing The Bell Jar, then moving onto more Garth Nix. I bought a cute little magazine/book caddy that I put in my bathroom with a few books/magazines, including The Collected works of Edgar Allan Poe and Arial by Sylvia Plath. I fully plan on utilizing my bathroom time wisely 🙂

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