National Book Lovers Day?

Aug 10

I am ALL for celebrating books and people who love them. I am all for promoting books and reading. I am even OK with making up holidays to do all of the aforementioned. However, I cannot willfully pretend like doing so makes it legitmate. I have seen many a post claiming August 9th as National Book Lovers Day. But, after doing exhaustive research, I have not found any evidence of this being a holiday nor even its origins. I cannot find any place that can validate this day or even explain where or how it came about. It seems the earliest reference to it that I can find is 2005 on the internet. And every year a post discussing it leads back to one page: Holiday Insights. And this site cannot and does not cite its source (or origin of the date itself). And so, that said, I won’t call it official but I did curl up with a good book last night and so, I celebrated it all the same.

This is a mystery to me. I am not being contentious. I just really want to know the origins of the day. I am inquisitive and like to know the source of my information. Any ideas where the original idea for this started?

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