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May 29

For Valentine’s Day I received a lovely present, a wonderfully generous and appropriate gift, a reading Nook (Barnes and Noble) and quite a few books later I STILL LOVE IT! =) I haven’t posted about it until now because I wanted to really get familiar with it on my own, to really be able to gather my thoughts about it before I shared with the world. I wanted to make an informed review. And so, without further delay, I am ready to share with you my Nook and how much I love it!

The Nook is small, approximately 7.7 inches (H) x 4.9 inches (W) x 0.5 inches (D) and weights about 12.1 ounces — about the size of a normal paperback book.

My Nook (turned off and without a cover)

My Nook (turned off and without a cover)

The back of my Nook (without a cover)

The back of my Nook (without a cover)

I like covers on my electronic gadgetry, so I set out to find the perfect one for me right away. Unfortunately, I had to wait until the end of March for it to become available but I found just the right one for me…

My ultra-nifty leather cover front the front

My ultra-nifty leather cover (frontview)

The backview of my ultra-nifty Nook cover

The backview of my ultra-nifty Nook cover

Inside view of my Nook cover

Inside view of my ultra-nifty Nook cover with pockets and all!

I am grateful I found this cover. It makes me smile, great quote by Martin Tupper (and I do so love a good quote!) and it feels nice which is important for those of us preoccupied with tactiles. And most importantly, it protects my preciousssssssssssssss, my Nook. It slides into the protected hard bottom slot and is secured by elastic straps at the top corners. It has pockets to carry around whatever you want–stickies, business cards, reminders, credit cards, whatever tickles your fancy!

Now, let’s turn it on…shall we?

There button smack dab in the middle on the top of the Nook powers it up. This takes a few seconds.

It powers on easily enough...and even lets me know what it is doing!

It powers on easily enough...and even lets me know what it is doing!

After half a minute or so it brings up the main menu which is a large N (on the main screen) and the full-color menu on the bottom screen. To save battery life the bottom menu does go dark within a minute but you can turn it back on by touching the little ‘n’ between the two screens.

There are nine menu options: “the daily”, “my library”, “shop”, “reading now”, “games”, “wi-fi”, “audio”, “web”, and “settings”.

The left side of the menu. You drag it to see the right side and other menu options...

Right side of the Nook menu

The right side of the Nook menu.

Oh! The features!

the daily

The daily is basically news from Barnes and Noble about your Nook, the daily snippet of a new book, tips about your Nook, a newsletter from some guy named Dave Barry whom I assume is uber familiar with the goings on at BN and with the features (and updates) of the Nook, and news about free content for Nook owners, etc.

my library

This is self-explanatory.

A snippet of my library (main screen)

The library menu (bottom / full-color menu)

On the main screen you see the latest purchases or samples (which you can request through ‘the shop’ or online!) and on the bottom screen you see the above menu options. I like to see my covers so I generally select the ‘show covers’ option…where you can see your beautiful book covers:

Within 'the library' menu this is the 'show covers' option...

You navigate through with the arrows on the bottom screen or on the sides of the main screen to turn pages or go up and down etc. It is really simple.

Once you choose a book and you click on it, it opens up to the last page you were on or on the title page. Its a no-brainer.


This doesn’t need much explanation. Here you can shop for new books or freebie stuff to download.

reading now

This is the go-to button for no fuss, no muss reading. Whatever you were reading will open to the page you were on… whether it is a book or a periodical and there are MANY to choose from.


This is one of the less used features on my Nook. Mine only has the two default games: Sudoku and Chess. I haven’t played much of either but I assume BN will update with more games or more game options sometime in the future.


This is the place to change your wi-fi settings such as leaving it on to browse the net or to shop or to turn it off.


This will open a little music player in the bottom screen where you can play your music. You can shuffle your playlist, look at the titles of your playlist, adjust the volume, pause the song, fast forward to the next or go back to the last songs. This menu is fairly straight forward. You use standard headphones for the Nook which plug in at the bottom by the USB plug in. I use my iPod Nano headphones with mine and they work fine.

How fun… the music section allows you to easily add and enjoy music so there is no need to carry your Nook AND an ipod, if you can’t be bothered…you can do both read and listen to music on the Nook. It is super simple to do. First you connect your Nook to your computer with a USB cord and then drag and drop the music you want into the Music folder on the Nook. Voila! It works…ready for your listening pleasure. My first 3 songs on my Nook are all by Madeleine Peyroux Madeleine Peyroux, Rosie Thomas Rosie Thomas and Rosi Golan Rosi Golan (all worth listening to!) Of course listening to music on your Nook drains the battery but not as fast as having the WiFi on. I generally turn my off unless I am browsing the internet, shopping at or downloading my newly purchased books.


This is also self-explanatory. You can browse the web on your Nook. I generally don’t but you can, if you need to.


Here you can read your account summary (your name, the name of your nook, your email address etc.) and see which software version you have, how much available memory is on your Nook, your battery charge, whether or not your wi-fi is on and the device information.

A couple things that I didn’t mention is that you can download your own pictures for screensavers (how fun!) and you can lend your e-books to other Nook owners.

The Alice in Wonderland screensaver they gave out for free at

A simple touch of a button lets you lend an e-book to a fellow Nook owner!

And that’s all folks! Each menu has a sub-menu and then sub-sub-menus but I didn’t think anyone would want to read that much detail. Having said that, I can and will do a very extensive, tedious walk-through of each, if anyone is interested. If you would like to see that please just email me at nonsense (at) benonsensical dot com. For now, know that I love, love, love my Nook. It doesn’t replace books for me, it is just a wonderful addition to my library.

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