Murphy-Wilmot Library Tucson Branch

May 05

A dear friend shared their nearest library with me to share with you. So without further delay, here is the Murphy-Wilmot Library (Tucson Branch) in Arizona. This library according to my friend,

It’s setup fairly nicely – layout of rooms around the perimeter, “hot seller” books on special racks up front, a nice area in the middle with computers, the teen/kids section is in the back with access to a lawn area outside, and closer to the adult sections (grown-up adult, not XXX adult) there is a nice lounge area with chairs and couches and even snack machines.
We don’t use the “reading” area much, but there’s a nice ramp/stairs down about 3 feet (like a sunken part of the library) with periodicals and more lounging areas. Plus, it’s all very “clean” design. You’d expect that with a completely remodeled library though


A little bit of information about the architecture of the building itself,

“Designed in 1964 by Nicholas Sakellar and Associates, Wilmot Library reflects his style of modern design in desert settings. Clean horizontal lines, clerestory windows, and extended overhangs create the illusion of a roof floating above an inviting, shaded oasis. The interior has an open, spacious view segmented with low dividers and a unique sunken reading area. A special architectural feature is a carved arch sculpture over the entrance doors created by Tucson sculptor James Savage. The symbolic carvings reflect man’s progress in knowledge.

Opening for service September 21, 1965, Wilmot was the third library building constructed in Tucson at a total cost of $406,730 for the 15,550 sq. ft. regional branch. In 1966 the Wilmot Branch Library and its architect were selected as one of eleven winners of a biennial national architectural award for “distinguished accomplishment in library architecture” sponsored by the American Institute of Architects in cooperation with the American Library Association. In a 1997 Arizona Daily Star reader’s survey, the Wilmot branch was selected as one of Tucson’s top 25 architectural landmarks (#22.)

An addition, designed by Dino Sakellar, was completed in 1983 increasing the buildings size to 19,000 sq. ft. The Wilmot Branch Library, located in east central Tucson next to St. Joseph’s Hospital, is open over 60 hours a week and has a staff of 39 people waiting to assist you.”

They even have a video about the architecture here.

And if all this hasn’t convinced you to go visit the Murphy-Wilmot Library… then maybe you’ll be enticed by the Craft Ninjas! OH MY! I want to fly down and be a craft ninja!

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