Library gets creative making surprise book packages

Jul 10

What a fun little mystery it would be to go into your local library where you can choose a certain genre and you are handed a plain wrapped book. You won’t know what it is, just that a librarian thought it worthy of reading in the category. How fun! It would be a delight to see what others thought were good. A Slovenian library did just this earlier in the year.

Anyone who visited the Ljubljana City Library could choose from a variety of mysterious packages—each containing three books wrapped in the brown paper above. Each package was sorted by the literary genre from which the books inside belonged. The three books were all the same genre: one from a contemporary writer, a classic and an “easy-t0-read” book. How clever is that?

What if you could do this locally? Why not suggest it to your local libraries? What if you took it one step further and you could choose your favorite books and make a surprise category for others to read? It would be the ultimate in recommending and sharing favorites. FUN! =) I wonder if they did this for children as well? I am quite certain kids would LOVE this idea.

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