It’s raining books

Oct 01

Once upon a time in a land far, far away…a quaint Swiss town close to France, in a charming place called Romainmôtier there was a used book fair and a book-loving artist named Jan Reymond. Jan wanted to ‘give the unsold books a last life before they were thrown away. So he decided to create artistic works throughout his town following each book fair to do just this. Each year Jan creates something different and interesting. I have found pictures for the last five years. Let me share from newest to oldest!


Un Hommage

Photo Source

You can see more of this piece here


Tree of Books

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Transparent knowledge

Photo Source


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it’s raining books!, originally uploaded by overthemoon.


(Photograph posted originally at


(Photograph posted originally at

The brilliant artist and a map of where his town is…


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I can’t wait to see what Jan comes up with next year!

Here are some links related to Jan’s book creations:

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