I am my own Librarian!

Jul 17

I have always secretly wanted to be a librarian. Surrounded by books. Order. Story Time every Wednesday and Saturday. Shhhhh… keep quiet. Can I help you find anything? Etc. 

Today, I was lucky enough to become my very own librarian. My friend gave me a home library kit with the pockets you put on the first page with the lines to be date stamped! Oh! How fun… I can check out books to my friends. Imagine their faces when I bust out the stamp and go through the rigamarole! Time to design a BeNonsensical Library Card, application forms, the whole nine yards. I can so totally play librarian with my vast collection of books. Sure, I am not so inclined to lend to just anyone but… those I will lend to will have to check them out officially. And I might be convinced to check them out to you readers as well.

I have already had two official patrons to the BeNonsensical Home Library!! How fun is that?

If you or someone you know has secretly (or not-so-secretly) always wanted to become a librarian…you can get your (or them their) very own Personal Library Kit.

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  1. That is simply awesome! Finding gifts for readers and book lovers can be so frustrating, but that “personal library” is perfect for about a dozen people on my holiday shopping list (and me too). Thanks for posting!

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