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Jul 08

This book is a book that cannot wait, it will not sit on the shelf haunting you with guilt for not being read. It demands your attention RIGHT NOW!

El Libro que No Puede Esperar (translated into English: The Book that Cannot Wait) by a clever publisher in Argentina


This is a book written with special ink that disappears two months after you open it. So, you literally must sit down and read it. It is an anthology of fiction. The publisher, which also runs a bookshop in Buenos Aires, Eterna Cadenci, came up with the idea to encourage people to pick up the books sooner rather than later. Now, preferably. The sense of urgency is exciting! How fun! If you do not read it NOW, you may never get to read that story. And reading it means, you could be one of only a small amount of people who have read these stories! How thrilling is that?

The book is sealed air-tight and once open, the ink disappears after two months. This is like something straight out of Harry Potter! Read it now or NEVER! This brings a little magic back into the world of printed books when all of us bibliophiles are clicking our heels together and chanting, “There is no place like libraries, there is no place like book stores, there is no place like either!” Hoping, wanting, needing to keep our books in our hands and out of the electronic world, disappearing byte by byte.

Like their little video advertisement says, “New authors…if people don’t read them, the authors never make it to a new book…” so… let’s support new authors, urgent reading! I want one! AND in the famous words of Veruca Salt (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), “I WANT IT AND I WANT IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW”! =)

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