How to share Nook Books within the same house

Feb 02

If you all share the same B&N account you just download as you normally would into all the Nooks.

If you have more than one Nook in the same household AND you have separate Barnes and Noble accounts, you can still share Nook books for free. Here is how…

  1. Copy your B&N e-books from each of your Nooks to your computer into folders (make a new folder for each account).
  2. Copy from the folder you made in step 1 into the ‘my documents’ on whichever Nook you want.
  3. The first time you read a book on the new Nook it will ask you for the name and credit card number used to buy that book — enter it and you should never have to do this again for this or any other e-book you transfer.

This should work for e-books purchased at Barnes and Noble, Fictionwise and as well.

You can and will want to share Adobe Digital Editions. They allow you to have up to 6 computers and 6 devices on each account. Take advantage of this because it keeps things simple with regards to sharing. If you have Sony Reader e-books, you should use the exact e-mail you used for the Adobe account. If you already signed up under a different e-mail, you can go into your settings and change it.

See also how to get free e-books here. You can also learn how to Check out library e-books on your Nook here.


  1. Amanda /

    Is there a limit to how many times you can attempt to unlock a book that you know of? I copied all of my sisters books onto my nook… and I can not get it to unlock and I tried like 10 times, and I don’t know if I’m typing something wrong or if maybe I’ve locked myself out because of how many times I tried…

  2. If you live in the same house, there shouldn’t be a limit to how many times you can unlock a book. I think it must be something else that is causing the problems. Have you tried re-tracing your steps and doing the whole process again? It could be just a password. Or it may need her credit card information to validate them on yours!

  3. I can’t find my ebooks on my nook to copy them over, any ideas where I can find them on my nook? all the folders are empty

  4. Hi Dave, which Nook do you have? I believe if you follow the instructions to set up an Adobe Digital Editions account, you will be able to authorize more than one device on there and copy from one to another. As far as why your folders all are empty, I am looking into this. I will get back to you soon. =)

  5. It looks as if they are trying to make sure you can’t sideload the e-books you buy from B&N onto your computer in this way. So, I would recommend you download the Nook software for PC. Sync your library, then add the books to your other device. When it says it is not authorized, put in the credit card number with which you purchased the e-book.

  6. Amanda /

    I’ve heard this suggestion to share books for 2 nooks in the same house before, but my biggest issue is that I can’t figure out how to get the books from my nook to my pc. When I plug it in, the folders pop up, so I can see how to move things to the nook, but I can’t copy them off the nook first. Please help.


  7. Are you using Adobe Digital Editions? You must sign up for an account to do this. It is free. =) But then you can copy your books to the account and copy over to other family Nooks. =)

  8. You can look at this other post for more information:

  9. Hello, I hope you still check this thread. My sister and I shared books using the Nook App on our computers. When I first did it and opened a “shared book” I had to put in the CC information, and it appeared that all books were then unlocked and I could read the pages. However, it is now a week later and when I went to read one of the unlocked books it is now locked again. Will I have to put in the credit card number each time I want to read the book? Thanks!


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