House of Books

Jun 10

Now this is a house all bibliophiles can appreciate. A house of books. The artist, Livio De Marchi, likes to work with wood making reality permanent. He has an enormous amount of creativity and even more talent. He created not one, not two but three houses of books out of wood! The first was built in 1990 in the Alpago Mountains in Italy. It is world renowned now. People loved it so much that he was commissioned to make one in Germany for a private collection in 1993 and then a third in Japan in 1994. I didn’t find photographs of houses number 2 or 3 but I found lots of the original house of books… and here they are for you to enjoy!

The entire house is books…wooden books…the roof—a book! And do you see the chimney? It is a fountain pen!

The gate is a pair of reading glasses, how clever…inside you have tables made out books, desks, chairs, bookshelves littered with books, book beds, it is really incredible.

From the artist’s website,

“Once upon a time” would be the most appropriate opening line for the tale we are about to narrate
“Once upon a time, in the middle of a wood, there stood a cottage made from books where a joker magician lived who was able to turn everything into wood”
But the house really exists, it stands in the Alpago mountains, and the Magician in question is a sculptor famous throughout the world who, one fine day, decided to realize a dream.”

Enjoy his spectacular artistry for yourself below…

All pictures are from ( the house and all the furniture are made by the artist Livio De Marchi. I am so grateful for his work and all the other amazingly talented and infinitely creative people in this world.

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