Halloween worthy Books

Oct 04

If you like to read themed books for Halloween, I have a few of my favorite Halloween book suggestions. These are spooky, fun reads. Here are 3 of my favorite halloween reads:

1. A book filled with short stories–magical, mystical scary stories. They are out-of-the-ordinary but light is always found in darkness… these are worth the reads.

There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbor’s Baby: Scary Fairy Tales

2. This story is written by Charles DeLint under Samuel Key. It is a thrilling, disturbing story written through the eyes of a stalker. Very interesting indeed.

I’ll Be Watching You

3. These are some of the most interesting, fun (yet creepy) tales by Poe. This book is illustrated by Gris Grimly and the pictures are lovely and fit perfect with the stories. This is even child friendly, read through it first to decide what age range. =)

Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Madness

I have read all three of these books to myself and aloud. They work well both ways. Why not start a tradition of reading aloud to those you love? A little every day? A short story once a week? It is doable and fun. These books are definitely worth reading (for yourself and to others!)

What are your favorite spooky reads? Do you have a good mystery? A tale of woe? I would love to read it. Write and tell me!

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