Ten Fun Interesting Bookmarks

Nov 07

I am forever on the hunt for new bookmarks. Apparently, this is no great secret and so a friend recommended the following bookmarks to me:


(You can purchase these and many other kinds of Stipee Bookmarks here.)




2. A Handy Bookmark by Fingerprint


3. Leaf-it bookmarks by Designboom


4. Help bookmark by Designboom


5. Hana Fusen Note Tags bookmarks by Vivachistyle


6. Monster Bookmarks by Noodoll and Lagom Designs UK


7. Punctuation i-Clip Magnetic Page Bookmarkers by Peter Pauper Press

…these magnetic page bookmarkers come in a variety of styles…


8. Matching Jacket and Bookmarks by Icoeye.com

How cool are these? You can use them on different books and maybe intrigue others to read or to look at a book 😉


9. Wicked Witch of the West Bookmark by Ian’s Cafe

The person who makes these on etsy makes a bunch of different kinds…and even sells packages of different ones.

There are more similar to these here but they are far more expensive.


10. Puffy Bookmark by Yanko Design

Unfortunately, these are just prototypes so they are not for sale anywhere. They are still worth seeing. When you place the bookmark on the page, you squeeze the air into the part that goes in between the pages. When you close the book the air is squeezed out to the outside part and when you want to find your place, squeeze it again and it opens the page up enough for you to easily slip in a finger and start reading.


  1. I must confess that, Kindle will remain my all-time top choice, even after the introduction of Nexus, adore you Kindle, you make reading fun!

  2. Hahaha…very nice. =)

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