Curious George reads!

Jul 21

Curious George came to the local Barnes and Noble. He was adorable. It is fun to see how excited kids get to see him and to read! You can see what is happening in the stores near you by clicking here.

Curious George reads at Barnes and Noble


YAY! Story time with Curious George


  1. English Robin /

    My son and I went to one of these just a couple of weeks ago! The theme was Dr Suess and The Cat In The Hat was supposed to make an appearance. Sadly, none of the staff members would fit into the suit, each being either too small or too tall. I even tried it myself but to no avail! In the end we ended up just reading stories to the kids and it was still a lovely morning! We read “Too Many Toys” by David Shannon and “Dex: The Heart Of A Hero” by Caralyn Buehner. The staff at our local are so nice! Thank goodness for Barnes & Nobel!

  2. Awww didn’t they think ahead for that? You even tried!? Ha… that is what I would have done. It is too bad it didn’t fit you either. What kind of strange costume was it not to fit all the different people? Ah well! At least the kids got to hear some good stories. That is great. =) I do like Barnes and Noble. I also like independent book stores with a sense of community who do things like this…

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