Crow Girl by Kate Cann

Feb 04



Anyone who knows me, knows why this book would pop out at me. I love crows and I have the nickname crow-gyrl, so, what is not to love about a book with this title? I was given the opportunity to read this book by the publisher in electronic format at the end of last year. I lovedit. This book was geared towards reluctant readers but it is good for even us eager readers!

This is a story about a girl, Lily, who doesn’t feel comfortable in her own skin. She feels like an outcast and turns to food whenever life troubles her. Soon, she stumbles upon some crows who change her life forever. She begins to feed the crows the excess food, and begins to feed her woes within. This is a story of a girl who finds her own way in this world by way of some lovely crows.

This book is well worth reading. I will be purchasing the print version for my collection.

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