Charles Darwin loved books too!

Jul 05

As with many great thinkers, Charles Darwin was a lover of books. On considering whether to marry or not, Charles Darwin wrote a pros vs. cons list, and in it he seriously considered books and reading in this important life decision. Amongst his reasons not to marry he considered how if he did he would not be able to read in the evenings,1

"...cannot read in the Evenings..."

He further speculated that if he were to take a wife he would also have “less money for books,”2

"...less money for books,"

It would seem Charles Darwin took his reading seriously enough to consider two different reading aspects that would be affected by getting married. That is my kind of thinking…

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  1. HAHA! That is funny! He really broke down the pros and cons! I do love his list!

    Where do find such wonderful facts?

  2. Thanks… =) I stumble upon them in my own reading. =) I love his list too. Practical really.

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