How to share Nook Books within the same house

Feb 02

If you all share the same B&N account you just download as you normally would into all the Nooks. If you have more than one Nook in the same household AND you have separate Barnes and Noble accounts, you can still share Nook books for free. Here is how… Copy your B&N e-books from each of your Nooks to your computer into folders (make a new folder for...

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Free e-books from Barnes and Noble

Jul 19

There are new free e-books from Barnes and Noble this week. You can check them out here. There are about 100 free e-books offered at Barnes and Noble dot com at any given time. This is good. Can’t beat free! =) They also have over 50,000 e-books for under $5 (click here)! Inexpensive, easy-to-get reads. I am not afraid of spending money on my reading materials...

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Check out books at the library on your Nook

Jun 22

You can check out e-books from your local library on your Nook. Here is an easy how-to guide to read e-books free on your Nook. How to get e-books on your Nook (that you check out from the library): 1. Download the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software. 2. Sign up for an Adobe account (Use the same email address you use for your Nook to ensure authentification...

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Reading nooks worth seeing

May 05

I love to see how creative people can get when incorporating a space of their own, particularly those who love reading. I dream of building a house someday that has numerous reading nooks throughout, comfortable places to sit and read for hours and hours, to lose myself within the pages of another reality. Here are some (10) beautiful reading nooks I thought worthy...

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