Reading Challenge Updates 2

Nov 22

Sorry, I have not been very good about updating my progress in my reading challenges. So here goes… For the Orbis Terrarum Reading Challenge… I started my literary vacation in Australia with Christos Tsiolkas’ The Slap. I tried so hard with this book. I really did. I stuck with it far too long…which set my reading goals back quite a bit. I...

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Closed For Repairs by Nancy Alonso

Nov 21

As part of the Orbis Terrarum Reading Challenge I chose Closed For Repairs by the Cuban author, Nancy Alonso. Closed For Repairs is a book with 11 short stories written from the perspective of the unique Cuban experience, the resilience Cubans demonstrate with the ever-increasing problems that seemingly go on forever without hope for resolution and without access to...

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Sep 17

I don’t know if you are like me but sometimes I put a lot of effort into researching just the right book to read right now. When I take this much time and give this much care to a book choice, I feel committed to it. I feel like I should finish it. I give similar reverence to independent films. It is a sense of stick-to-it-iveness, a misguided sense of...

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Random Reading Challenge(s) for 2010

Aug 17

I came across a random reading challenge only to realize it was over. Awwww!!! =( So, I thought why not look for others. Luckily, the person who posed that challenge had quite a few other challenges and I think I will join a couple. I figure all reading in these challenges I commit to can fall under my own journey to 1000 books. Why not? =)  Here are the two...

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