Money doesn’t grow on trees…but do books?

Jul 13

I wonder if we could use a form of soft-capitalism to pull or push the printed book back to the forefront, ahead of the e-readers and movies and iPods and games and reality TV. I wonder if we wished upon a star or as we throw our coin in the fountain…if we could preserve the beauty, the pulpy-scented goodness, or the comforting sound of spines creaking open...

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Charles Darwin loved books too!

Jul 05

As with many great thinkers, Charles Darwin was a lover of books. On considering whether to marry or not, Charles Darwin wrote a pros vs. cons list, and in it he seriously considered books and reading in this important life decision. Amongst his reasons not to marry he considered how if he did he would not be able to read in the evenings,1 He further speculated that...

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A Journey of 1000 books

Jun 21

…begins with one…which one will I choose? I think I will embark on a journey of 1000 books. I’ll start today. I already am in the middle of reading 50 this year but that can be the catalyst for this reading sojourn. I will post each book as I read it. No matter how long it takes me, I will reach 1000 books. Care to join...

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Bury me in books x3

Jun 14

Bibloitaph by Michael McFee Bury me with my books,Slip one under my head: a satin pillow’s much to sort for such a rigid bed. Bury me with my books. Open some on my chest, their pages shadowing the heart beginning its long rest. Bury me with my books, tossed in until the hole is filled with words instead of dirt and I am like a mole. happy to stay hidden, not...

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Book refuge…

Jun 11

One of the nifty things about my Nook is that I am able to download samples of most any ebook. I do this often. I have read hundreds of samples of books and ordered a lot of them. Last week I ordered a sample of “The Scent of Rain and Lightning: A Novel” by Nancy Pickard but hadn’t gotten around to reading it until last night. I read it to my...

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Secret Bookshelves…FOUND!

Jun 09

I guess I am not so good at hiding my addiction as I thought I was… I have been informed by unmentionable parties that more of my ‘stashes’ have been found… Drats! Where to...

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