Hurry! Read me!

Jul 08

This book is a book that cannot wait, it will not sit on the shelf haunting you with guilt for not being read. It demands your attention RIGHT NOW!   This is a book written with special ink that disappears two months after you open it. So, you literally must sit down and read it. It is an anthology of fiction. The publisher, which also runs a bookshop in Buenos...

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Rare Shakespeare donated

Nov 18

Some wonderful, generous patron of the Brentwood branch of the Springfield-Greene County Library District donated two rare books written by Shakespeare over 235 years ago! The two donated books, “Poems Written by Shakespear” (the ‘e’ was left off on the book) and the “Works of Shakespeare,” were in great condition and are worth a...

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The Story of Forgetting by Stefan Merrill Block

Aug 08

I read a lot. Good books. Bad books. All sorts in between. Every now and again I come across a book so well-written, so engaging, so worth reading I find myself saddened at the mere thought of it ending even as I eagerly plow through the story. Today, I stumbled upon one of these books, The Story of Forgetting. I am simply awestruck by this debut novel written by...

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Not for the “Poe”

Dec 06

Rare books often go for prices many of us cannot begin to imagine, let alone pay. But it doesn’t prevent us from thinking about these literary treasures and sales—and releasing a wishful sigh. Who wouldn’t love to have an original copy of their favorite author? Like Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”? Or what about something even more...

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