Sep 17

I don’t know if you are like me but sometimes I put a lot of effort into researching just the right book to read right now. When I take this much time and give this much care to a book choice, I feel committed to it. I feel like I should finish it. I give similar reverence to independent films. It is a sense of stick-to-it-iveness, a misguided sense of...

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Charles Darwin loved books too!

Jul 05

As with many great thinkers, Charles Darwin was a lover of books. On considering whether to marry or not, Charles Darwin wrote a pros vs. cons list, and in it he seriously considered books and reading in this important life decision. Amongst his reasons not to marry he considered how if he did he would not be able to read in the evenings,1 He further speculated that...

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Books for Father’s Day

Jun 04

I was trying to think what I could get my father for Father’s Day and I decided upon books! Ties are cliche and generally people like to choose their own ties. Belts and shirts are not very personal and again they are a matter of personal taste, aren’t they? So… books! They are the perfect gift for every occasion really. You can get a mind science...

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