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Jul 08

This book is a book that cannot wait, it will not sit on the shelf haunting you with guilt for not being read. It demands your attention RIGHT NOW!   This is a book written with special ink that disappears two months after you open it. So, you literally must sit down and read it. It is an anthology of fiction. The publisher, which also runs a bookshop in Buenos...

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The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman

Mar 03

I have been a long time fan of Alice Hoffman’s work. She has a delightful way of making life just a little bit more magical than others. She dips her pen in magical realism and writes very real, imperfectly perfect characters who you grow to really care about in her stories. She is really a talented author. Her latest book, The Red Garden, did not disappoint....

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Magical Realism

Oct 05

[El descanso del Guerrero], originally uploaded by Cirileta. One of my very favorite genres is “Magical Realism”. I find it fascinating and fun. You can address the most difficult, messy topics through the fantastical without overwhelming the reader.  So, what exactly is magical realism? It is a bit more complex than other genres to define, it definitely...

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