Raymond Public Library

Mar 21


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How to share Nook Books within the same house

Feb 02

If you all share the same B&N account you just download as you normally would into all the Nooks. If you have more than one Nook in the same household AND you have separate Barnes and Noble accounts, you can still share Nook books for free. Here is how… Copy your B&N e-books from each of your Nooks to your computer into folders (make a new folder for...

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The Library Hotel

Jan 04

A perfect place for bibliophiles visiting New York City has been found… The Library Hotel uses the Dewey Decimal system to categorize its 10 floors into different genres: Social Sciences, Literature, Languages, History, Math & Science, General Knowledge, Technology, Philosophy, The Arts and Religion. And within these floors there are 60 unique rooms based...

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Rare Shakespeare donated

Nov 18

Some wonderful, generous patron of the Brentwood branch of the Springfield-Greene County Library District donated two rare books written by Shakespeare over 235 years ago! The two donated books, “Poems Written by Shakespear” (the ‘e’ was left off on the book) and the “Works of Shakespeare,” were in great condition and are worth a...

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Now THAT’S an overdue library book!

Nov 14

I came across a story of an Australian man, Raymond McLaren, who borrowed a book some 50 years ago, Knots, Splices and Fancywork, to which he attributes his life’s successful work. But keeping a library book is not so uncommon. What is uncommon about this story is that Mr. McLaren, perhaps the most honest library patron ever, decided to return the book after...

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Anything is Possible – Birds

Oct 07

Anything is Possible – Birds, originally uploaded by Sparks68. A friend of mine sent me some pictures of his local library, the Birmingham Central Library and much to my surprise it is decorated with bird murals. How lovely. I thought I’d share these with you. I found this photograph on Flickr and here is what the caption reads, Birds ‘perch’ on the...

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