Sharing Statue

Jul 29

  In front of the Timberland Regional Library in Lacey, Washington you can find this lovely bronze statue of a child and his mother (or grandmother) reading and sharing a story. What a great message! The gift of reading is the best gift you can share. Sharing your time with someone in your life reading, talking about books you’ve both read… it is an...

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Library gets creative making surprise book packages

Jul 10

What a fun little mystery it would be to go into your local library where you can choose a certain genre and you are handed a plain wrapped book. You won’t know what it is, just that a librarian thought it worthy of reading in the category. How fun! It would be a delight to see what others thought were good. A Slovenian library did just this earlier in the...

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Hurry! Read me!

Jul 08

This book is a book that cannot wait, it will not sit on the shelf haunting you with guilt for not being read. It demands your attention RIGHT NOW!   This is a book written with special ink that disappears two months after you open it. So, you literally must sit down and read it. It is an anthology of fiction. The publisher, which also runs a bookshop in Buenos...

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Little Free Library

Jan 03

I came across this brilliant idea by accident and I absolutely in love with it! The Little Free Library is a network of people putting up tiny little libaries where people can come by and take a book or leave a book! What a way to promote literacy and a love for reading! You can build your own or buy a kit or one already made from them directly! How cool is that?...

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Murphy-Wilmot Library Tucson Branch

May 05

A dear friend shared their nearest library with me to share with you. So without further delay, here is the Murphy-Wilmot Library (Tucson Branch) in Arizona. This library according to my friend, It’s setup fairly nicely – layout of rooms around the perimeter, “hot seller” books on special racks up front, a nice area in the middle with...

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4 am Project (Birmingham UK)

Apr 30

A friend took part in the 4am Project in Birmingham, UK over the past weekend. And he was kind of enough to share some of his work with me to share here.   The press release about the 4am Project: 4am Photographers to get Brutal in Birmingham’s Central Library Birmingham photographers with mild insomnia and an eye for the unusual will have the unique opportunity to...

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