Happy Women’s Day from BeNonsensical

Mar 08

As it is International Women’s Day, I thought I would pay tribute to ten of my favorite women authors… Nicole Krauss, Karen Maitland, Isabel Allende, Maggie O’Farrell, Audrey Niffenegger, Stephanie Kallos, Elliot George, Sylvia Plath, Susannah Clarke and Brenda Maddox. Of course, there are many more talented and lovely women writers out there but I...

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Reading Weekend

Feb 16

WOW! Who knew? This weekend, if you are near Sussex, you can enjoy a “Reading Weekend”… you can read more details here.  Basically, reading related events, story time and comfy surroundings to immerse yourself in reading. While we all can’t be in Sussex (myself included), we can all celebrate with them by proxy… we can set up our house...

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St. Patrick’s Day is a’coming!

Mar 04

There once was a site about reading, With books and reviews it was exceeding, Filled readers with delight, such a lovely site, Has all the information you’ll be needing! (Limerick by me! If you repost please put a link back to here —...

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Free Valentine Bookmarks

Jan 18

I stumbled upon a photoshop goldmine, Florabella Collections of PS Actions and Textures.  I love them! They just so happen to be giving away free Valentine’s Day cards and bookmarks and so I had to share these with you! You can get them free at their official post about them… at...

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Little-Known Facts About Well-Known Places Ireland by David Hoffman

Jan 08

Did you know that “hiding a pot of gold may be what leprechauns are best known for, but it is not their full-time job; by trade they are the official shoemakers of the fairy kingdom”? And did you know that Newgrange passage tomb in Ireland was constructed 500 years before the pyramids and 1,000 years before Stonehenge but Newgrange was not found until...

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Book of Christmas Love

Dec 17

4/365. Book of Love., originally uploaded by Thomas Åsen. What better present than a book for the holidays? Another stunning bibliophotograph worth...

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