Printable bookmarks

Sep 15

I have been having so much fun making bookmarks I decided to make some for everyone to print out. All you need is a printer, adobe reader, card stock (or thick paper) and some scissors. You can download them here. I will try to make more free printable bookmarks every now and again. For now, enjoy and if you like them please do let me know! Leave a comment...

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Another homemade bookmark

Sep 14

I made yet another homemade bookmark. This bookmark was simple to make as well. I used thicker card stock paper and drew a simple bird outline and a wing. Then I used water colors to paint theem both. This did cause it to warp a little like water color does… I tried to flatten it with a coaster. I then glued the wing on but only on the top part so the bottom...

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Easy-peasy bookmark

Sep 13

I needed a bookmark and didn’t want to pay a lot for one since I seem to misplace them all the time or leave them in books I give away. I decided I would ‘make’ one. And I found a bookmark that was really easy to make. An envelope, my logo (you can choose whatever design you like…get creative!) and some glue. You seal the envelope and cut off...

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House of Books

Jun 10

Now this is a house all bibliophiles can appreciate. A house of books. The artist, Livio De Marchi, likes to work with wood making reality permanent. He has an enormous amount of creativity and even more talent. He created not one, not two but three houses of books out of wood! The first was built in 1990 in the Alpago Mountains in Italy. It is world renowned now....

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Birds AND books

Mar 24

How fun… two of my favorite things…books and birds. I stumbled upon these great birdhouses made out of books! What a lovely idea. You can read all about them here, here and here. These are great little presents. And I bet you could even get some of the glue stuff that makes things waterproof and safe for birds to put on the outside to actually use these....

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