Book Nerd T-Shirt

Aug 09

Oh. My. Some people are so clever. I see a t-shirt making day in my near future…Catherine from Dreamy Colours ( made this book nerd t-shirt and I definitely need to make one! Thanks Cath! =)       I will update when I make a...

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Moby Dick Snow Sculpture

Jan 16

This beautiful and creative snow sculpture was carved at the Winter Carnival in Québec City by Team Mexico (Horacio Castrejón Galván (captain), Luis Alberto Campomanes Martinez and Hermann Seedorf de Colombres). The team said the following about their sculpture, To carve snow is an occasion to tell a history, it is a space to say something. This time, the tale of...

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Book lover calendars

Jan 02

OooooooOooOooOOOoo… while shopping for a 2011 calendar I came across 3 book lover’s calendars! Here they are… worth every penny… The Book Lover’s 2011 Calendar by Book Lovers Stuff Book Lover’s 2011 Page-A-Day Calendar by Workman Publishing Book Lovers Calendar by Mary Webb I ordered the second one today. I will order the 1st one...

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Mini book earrings

Oct 28

Another wonderful gift idea for the book lover (in you) or in your life… Mini-book earrings by anticovalore (on Etsy) — a Librarian and artisan in Italy I do not wear earrings often but I would proudly wear...

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Make your own e-reader sleeve

Oct 26

There are so very many e-reader covers and sleeves to choose from. There are hard bound leather ones with beautiful quotes. There are handmade knitted ones. There are paper crafted homemade ones. And just when you thought your available options couldn’t possibly grow… I found a sewing pattern by Birdiful Stitches on Etsy…so we can make our very own...

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It’s raining books

Oct 01

Once upon a time in a land far, far away…a quaint Swiss town close to France, in a charming place called Romainmôtier there was a used book fair and a book-loving artist named Jan Reymond. Jan wanted to ‘give the unsold books a last life before they were thrown away. So he decided to create artistic works throughout his town following each book fair to...

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