Reading Statues

Jul 10

Reading is such a fundamental part of every culture that we statues incorporating it have been sculpted for as long as statues have been made. Here are 5 random reading statues I thought shareworthy, 1. The Reading Girl statue by Giovanni Ciniselli (Manchester, UK) According to the Manchester City Council,1 “The white, marble statue on the left stair landing...

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Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo!

Jul 06

Frida was not an author but a painter, an amazing artist, a strong woman and a fierce lover. She lived, loved, lossed and died passionately. Today is the anniversary of her birthday. And I want to share her with all of you. Here is one of my favorite books about Frida, it has a good mixture of all information regarding Frida within a historical perspective, it is...

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Happy 4th of July from

Jul 04


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Reading is a big part of my life…

Jun 03

I am unabashedly in love with books, literature, well-written characters, the written word…for me reading is more than just a hobby, it is a way of life. I wish I could extract just the tiniest portion of my love and enthusiasm for reading and inject it in all children and young adults to inoculate them from apathy and atrophy of creativity, of well-developed...

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12 Days of MY Birthday (Day 8)

Dec 14

December 14th — Day 8 of  the 12 Days of MY Birthday… Ooohhh…today I started early. A little after midnight on this 8th day of my 12 days of birthday my friend gave me a fun little present… Day 8    A Teeny Tiny Tea Set Oh! Fun! We had a ‘spot’ of tea! Hehehehe… this was fun. Though the cups were way less than even 1/8th a teaspoon. It...

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12 Days of MY Birthday (Day 7)

Dec 13

December 13th — Day 7 of  the 12 Days of MY Birthday… Another day to play my game and relax. Since it is not my turn to do dishes… or cook… I could just read and play my game. And I did just that. I am now well into Westward IV: All Aboard. The mayor of Haverbrook is not entirely convinced I can run his trains properly so he is making me prove it. I took...

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