Old Man Reading

Oct 16

Art + Reading = Lovely Old man reading by Deivis by ~studiodrawings on...

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Book Nerd T-Shirt

Aug 09

Oh. My. Some people are so clever. I see a t-shirt making day in my near future…Catherine from Dreamy Colours (love-tears.net) made this book nerd t-shirt and I definitely need to make one! Thanks Cath! =)       I will update when I make a...

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My kind of tree

Aug 07

Thank you grandpa, originally uploaded by Leen…. Another lovely illustration by Aileene Posada. What a gift she has. Thank you, Aileen’s grandpa for giving her a love for books and thank you Aileen for giving the world this lovely art!...

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Home sweet home

Aug 06

Home sweet home, originally uploaded by Leen…. Could this *be* anymore perfect? Via Flickr: Lápiz editado. By: Leen (All rights reserved by original artist: Aileen...

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Sharing Statue

Jul 29

  In front of the Timberland Regional Library in Lacey, Washington you can find this lovely bronze statue of a child and his mother (or grandmother) reading and sharing a story. What a great message! The gift of reading is the best gift you can share. Sharing your time with someone in your life reading, talking about books you’ve both read… it is an...

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Trade in a bad habit for a good one…

Jul 09

Smoking stinks and it kills. But reading? Well, reading does everyone only good. So, why not give up smoking for a reading habit? This is what Tank Magazine encouraged when they thought to use the clever packaging of cigarettes and used it to package little books, called Tank Books. Straight from their website: TankBooks pay homage to this iconic form by employing...

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